Collection: Tables

For kids and adults table is probably the most essential piece of furniture. Most of kids creative work, crafting, drawing and playing will be done on table. Practical, aesthetic, high quality table is essential part to create positive learning environment.

Development is how your child grows physically and emotionally and learns to communicate, think and socialize. Children's early experiences and relationships in the first five years of life are critical for development. In the early years, your child's main way of learning and developing is through play.

Kido Picasso

Children love to create by drawing and they also like to erase drawings. They love to see something appear and disappear. On chalkboard kids can create, erase and recreate. It is a great way to express kids imagination and develop eye-hand coordination, boost self-confidence, increase fine and gross muscle development and more. Wide experience in drawing is also an essential prerequisite for learning to write

All of our tables feature reversible table top - flip it over and your child will have large canvas for their next masterpiece.

Extra storage

Lift up the table top and access very large storage space which will hold most of child's drawing accessories, some toys and few random household items.

On both sides table ends are open to make kids more independent. They can take out necessary items or put away things they don't use anymore. Setting up next activity has never been easier. But be aware - your carelessly left house keys might get hidden here.

We ❤ Plywood

Plywood is a natural product made from a renewable resource. Therefore, it is one of the most environmentally friendly decorative products available to the consumer. Plywood has excellent strength-to-weight ratio, it's durable, esthetic and visually attractive.

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